Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hobbes Amigurumi

Apparently word got out about me taking crochet requests.  I was asked to make Hobbes from this pattern by my friend Elyse.  It's from the same site as Eve.

At first I tried to get a picture of myself with Hobbes to show how huggable he is... but my sister wasn't here to help me.  Instead all I got were really funny picture where I'm hovering, making faces, or blurring into another dimension.  All cool abilities of mine.  Oh man though, this guy took forever and I have no idea why.  Also; so many stripes!  He's a combination of Red Heart: Super Saver and I Love This Yarn... yarns... made with a g-hook and little felt scraps for eyes/nose/headstripes.  I also had a nice time learning how to crochet an ellipse... an oval?  I'd done it before but had no idea what was going on.  The pattern has lovely instructions.

Fun Fact: I had about a foot left of black yarn when I'd finished this project.  It was a close call!

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