Thursday, October 16, 2014

Toothless Amigurumi


If you know me, it doesn't take long to figure out that my favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon.  Hands down.  So I was stoked about the sequel!  And I'm still stoked about it because HTTYD 2 was fantastic!

What better way to celebrate the second movie than with a Toothless crochet?  I've made a plush, I've made someone else's pattern, and now I've made my own version of Toothless!

II pretty much based the design off of my Otachi design.  Only, instead of separate pieces for the body, head, and tail... I did it in one fell swoop.  

The wings... were a pain to figure out.  My eternal war against crochet wings!  But heck if they don't look good.  

I normally don't write patterns down, but for the wings I kept detailed notes.  It was a good thing too!  The tail fins and the... mid wings(?) are basically shorter modified version of the wings so those notes came in handy.  The skull on the tail fin is painted on.

All the spikes on his back and tail are surface crocheted.  This was a much better choice than individually making each spike and then sewing them on.

Eyes are made of felt and sewn on.  I used Malabrigo - Pearl Ten, and it took three skeins.  Three.  That's the most yarn I've ever used!  I had to run out and find another skein, and luckily the store had the same dye lot, as I'd bought the yarn a couple months prior.

He stands on his own!  I love it.  I love him.  This is certainly my best project to date!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


So back when I was crocheting some lawyers I binge watched Cardcaptor Sakura.  Let me tell you, crocheting and reading subtitles is hard!  But as I was watching I got it into my head that I needed to make some CCS crochet.

I mean, he's literally supposed to look like a stuffed animal in the show!  So his design was very easy to translate into crochet.  I'm pretty sure that there were pre-existing Kero patterns out there, CCS has been around for a long time, but at this point I'm so used to making my own stuff that I just went for it.

His tail is a chain + pom pom, where the pom is slightly shaped so it's not completely circular.  I think the wings were just tubes that I crocheted together.  I can't recall it was a while ago when I made him.  (I've been so lax in cross-posting everything to this blog.)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth

Whoops, this is a wee bit late.  I actually made Edgeworth before Phoenix!  Just forgot to post him on here.  Man I had way too much fun with these little lawyers.

His hair was much easier to manage than Phoenix's... though it's actually quite similar!  I just flipped the shapes in different directions.  Like I said, Miles was the first one that I made so I bounced off of his hair design until I was able to come up with something that I liked for Phoenix.

He also doesn't stand on his own... my human crochets just don't have that much stability or balance.  That's okay, they're cute.  Probably my favorite part was crocheting his little cravat.  It was super extra cute!

  Here are some of him posed like his talk sprites or whatever:

Monday, June 30, 2014

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright

Okay, onto more recent projects!

Been replaying the Ace Attorney series, and felt the overwhelming urge to pick up a hook!  Also got to do a tiny bit of embroidery in his eyebrows and lawyer badge... I'm not really that great at embroidery so it'll have to do.

This'd be Phoenix Wright himself.  The star of the first three games.  His signature look is that gosh darned spikey hair... which is hard to capture with crochet.  I'm terrible with hair in general, but I managed to get something I was satisfied with.  Based it off of some wings patterns I recalled from a couple years ago.  I think.


Now he doesn't actually stand on his own.  Sadly.  Instead I have impaled him with a knitting needle that is propped against the wall.  This is beginning to sound like one of Phoenix's crazy cases...

His arms and legs, however, are pose-able.  I stuffed them with pipe cleaners meaning I could have tons of fun posing him in the same manner as some of his talk sprites!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pacific Rim: Otachi

Oh wow, it's been a long time since I actually updated this blog.  Though... I haven't done many projects so there hasn't been much to update with!  But I did do a fairly big one late in the summer of last year.  I took on a Kaiju!

When Pacific Rim came out last year I became completely enamored with it.  Just.  I absolutely loved it!  Giant robots... giant monsters... what more could one ask for?

The answer to that is of course, a crochet kaiju!  I chose the kaiju that got the most screentime: Otachi.  She's kind of like a flying-lizard-ninja or something.  Absolutely fab.

Of course there were no patterns to follow at the time so I just... winged it.  ;) It is one of my bigger projects, as I've said before.  I actually did a draft of Otachi before hand resulting in my room being littered with various kaiju parts... much like a certain scientist.

She took quite a while to make.  And physically she's one of my largest amigurumis to date.  While not too complicated she does have a couple tricks.  Toes. Those crocodile scales on her back. Moving joints in her wings.  All a challenge.

But she turned out fantastic!  And fabulously floppy, she's a joy to play around with, and a good travel companion.

I also went out and got some nice yarn for her.  No Red Heart for mama Otachi.  I forget the brand but it was a nice pretty wool. uwu

Now, part of the process of amigurumi is simplifying the design of the intended product.  I can certainly say she's been simplified!  The real otachi has so many spikes and glowy spots... I tried to capture the overall feel with the more prominent ones.  The parts that helped make Otachi's design feel so awesome.

Still... there were sew many parts to so on!  Of course this is probably because of those dang blue spots.  I could of embroidered them on... but I'm not comfortable with my embroidery skills.

She turned out absolutely fantastic!  She's been my pride for almost a year, and I still think she's one of my most daring projects.  Big mama Otachi.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Deep Sea Angler Fish Amigurumi

Whoa, it's been a long time.  Haven't done much in the way of crafts since my last post though.  I did pick up a crochet hook and I made this little guy:

I thought that the pattern looked super cute, but it turned out a bit disappointing.  Not enough crocheting and too much sewing stuff on.  I made up the teeth since I didn't have any lace on hand, and I think I used a different pom-pom technique than the pattern.

With her mouth closed she looks like a doofus.  She's turquoise because... WHY NOT?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Morpheus Chupacabra

I had a Sculpy day with my friend Audrey and we made chupacabras together.  It was great.  Also, I took pictures in a place that wasn't my back yard!

Recently I redesigned one of my characters—Morpheus—and since she was on my mind I decided to make her into a chupacabra.  Her main colors are purples and golds.  For her horns I gave her curly little swirls based off of the crown she wears.  Morpheus also has tiny little wings on her ankles, so of course her cabra gets those as well.  I almost forgot to add them.

Those bigger wings though...  Wings always give me trouble, no matter what media I work with... though in 3D media more-so than 2D.  Morpheus wears some kine of weird feathered cloak covered in stars.  I didn't get quite the effect I wanted with the blues, but it still looks nice.

This chupa is definitely an improvement on my last figurines as she can actually stand on two legs.  Though her tail does act as a third point of contact, it wasn't needed.  Another improvement is that she has fingers and toes.  Oh. And wings.  Also, she gets cute little paw pads—on her feet and hands.

Here's the full set, Audrey made the blue cabra (Razul-cabra) as well as the zebra striped cabra.