Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Armadillo Amigurumi

Continuing with my Ravelry queue... have an armadillo.

The pattern is only available on Ravelry (as far as I know at least.)  It's worked in mostly in HDC which was a surprising change, but nice since the crocheting went faster. 

I changed the pattern up when I was knitting his feet.  For some reason I can never get the "puff" stitch to look any good so I resorted to formatting my regular method of toes.  I also reversed one of the ears so that they mirrored each other.

Yes.  This is the main reason I made this guy.  So that I  could roll him up into a ball.  He looks like a little pill bug!

I named him Tom Bombadillo. Sice I'm reading Lord of the Rings...

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