Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fire Dragon Amigurumi

I'm on a crochet kick!  Got another cutie for y'all.

Still hooked on DragonVale.  (Get it, hooked, like... crochet hook!?) In my desperate effort to make a pair of wings that I could be proud of I decided to tackled another dragon.  I had a lot of red yarn so I went for the game's iconic fire dragon.

A lot of this is just recycled from the plant dragon, so making up the pattern wasn't hard at all.  In the game, the adult fire dragon had a bunch of teeth so i gave him little teeth and he seems happy about it.

Look at those wings!  I liked the wings I made for the plant dragon, but those are more feathery wings.  This little guy needed a pair of bat/dragon wings.  i think they turned out really well!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Plant Dragon Amigurumi

Well, I finished school and didn't exactly know what to do.  So I picked up the crochet hook.

So recently I started playing an iPod game called DragonVale and it is just the cutest thing ever.  There are so many little dragons with absolutely the cutest design.  It's adorable.  Since I had an excess of green yarn I went ahead and made the plant dragon from the game.

He doesn't stand on his own, but if you prop his tail against something he can manage it.  This guy was fun, I just kind of made up the design as I went.  Sometimes I tried to remember what I did on Toothless, but for the most part I did it on the fly.

Those wings.  Those wings were the hardest thing ever.  I kept trying to come up with a design but it never worked.  I had a couple of judges to help me decide on designs, and eventually I came up with what you see here!  They turned out lovely, it was worth working through a few designs...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Data Dragon

I keep meaning to post some of my older projects, but until now I've been forgetful.  However, today I'm bringing back one of my favorites! Data dragon.

I made this two summers ago.  My class-load was really heavy and when I finally got a break I decided to do something epic.  One of my friends had suggested a flash drive dragon, and I fell in love with the idea.

Man, this was an enormous undertaking.  I built her piece by piece and baked her one part at a time.  My favorite part is the external rib cage.  Definitely.  She's a fully functioning flash drive as well!  Though I don't think she's the kind you'd carry around with you, she'd probably break.

The lambda symbols are because they kind of look like a V and her name is Viral.