Monday, August 8, 2011

Dandelion Amigurumi

Do you know what my favorite flower is? It's a weed. It's dandelions. (Or daisies, depending on the day.)

I found this pattern a long time ago, when I'd first started to crochet.  However, it was knit, and I was working on leveling up my crochet... levels.  Uh.  So I put the pattern in my queue and I finally picked it up last week.  They are adorable. 

Again, these are made with Read Heart: Super Saver yarn and were knit with my size 7 DPNs.  They're really quick and the pattern was pretty easy.

The little yellow guy's name is Danberlin, and the puffy guy is Dents de Leon.  They're just so cute, I cannot get over it.

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