Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shrimp Amigurumi

At this point, I'm not even sure why I knit this.  Shrimp are just really cute, and this pattern was precious.

This was another quick knit, and again, really super easy.  For some reason I wanted to use safety eyes, even though there was not enough room for them. I really don't know.  The yarn is a mystery yarn, and the shrimp was knit on my size 7 DPNs.

As to the hook... I was watching too much Jeremy Wade and wishing I could go fishing.  I dunno' if the shrimpy would make good bait though....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bird Amigurumi

I've made so many angry birds, I decided to make a less emotionally inclined avian...

After Hobbes I wanted to do a few quick knits, so I went through Ravelry and found this little pattern.  He's got a pretty lace thing going on with his tail, but you can't tell from the photos...  Knit with my size 7 needles with I Love This Yarn: Ombre.  It took me an hour or two to do, really fast and simple.  And not in the round.   Which makes it extra simple I guess.

Also, he fits perfectly in my hand.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pear Amigurumi

I present: a pear among peers for a peer with peary fears.

I had to snap a few photos in the HEB and I bet someone was giving me odd looks while I did it... well, this is for my friend Kailey who harbors a mild distaste for pears.  He's so cute, how can she deny his love! I made him with Red Heart: Super Saver yarn on my size 7 DPNs from this pattern.  It was really simple and really fast!

Yes, I am really proud of the tongue twister up there...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yellow Angry Bird Amigurumi

I didn't have any plans to make more Angry Birds... but at this rate I'm going to end up with a whole set.

Actually this one was requested by my friend Zac.  I looked around for yellow bird patterns, but I couldn't find any... not any that were free.  So instead I made the pattern up as I went, using bits from the other angry birds where applicable.  He came out just lovely.  He's Red Heart: Super Saver yarn on a G Hook.

I've always thought the yellow bird was the angriest of the lot...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hobbes Amigurumi

Apparently word got out about me taking crochet requests.  I was asked to make Hobbes from this pattern by my friend Elyse.  It's from the same site as Eve.

At first I tried to get a picture of myself with Hobbes to show how huggable he is... but my sister wasn't here to help me.  Instead all I got were really funny picture where I'm hovering, making faces, or blurring into another dimension.  All cool abilities of mine.  Oh man though, this guy took forever and I have no idea why.  Also; so many stripes!  He's a combination of Red Heart: Super Saver and I Love This Yarn... yarns... made with a g-hook and little felt scraps for eyes/nose/headstripes.  I also had a nice time learning how to crochet an ellipse... an oval?  I'd done it before but had no idea what was going on.  The pattern has lovely instructions.

Fun Fact: I had about a foot left of black yarn when I'd finished this project.  It was a close call!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gargoyle Amigurumi

Gargoyles!  Apparently they're supposed to be scary... I'm a bit of a fail when it comes to scary.

For some reason I much prefer knitting to crochet.  I honestly have no idea why, especially when it comes to amigurumi.  Crochet is so much easier to shape... and you only have a single hook instead of knitting's 4+ needs where everything tends to slip off.  Anyways, this guys was entirely too much fun to knit!

The pattern is a bit complicated, but I like a challenge.  I remember there being a point at the feet where the pattern just didn't make any sense to me and I stared at my knitting with a bewildered face and made unhappy noises.  I managed to overcome that with a bit of improvisation.

I believe the yarn is I Love This Yarn, and it's peacock color. The bright blue is my favorite, especially when it stripes with the black... and this happened a lot!  It's one of the skeins I received in my "Mystery Bag of Yarn".  He was knit on my size 7 DPNs.  Also, he's got pipe cleaners in his legs and arms which makes him slightly pose-able. 

I think I will call him Wellington.  Hooray gargoyles!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Black Angry Bird Amigurumi

When I posted my last angry bird I'd mentioned that my favorite bird is the black bomb bird.  Well, when I found the pattern, I immediately grabbed my hook and yarn.

He is the best bird.  This was another easy pattern, though you'll want to be careful if you intend on using safety eyes.  Don't finish off the body.  I added his belly, beak and eyes before I finished his main body, so I would be able to snap his eyes into place.  Red Heart: Super Saver yarn and a G-hook. As usual.  

He's going to explode. I just know it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dandelion Amigurumi

Do you know what my favorite flower is? It's a weed. It's dandelions. (Or daisies, depending on the day.)

I found this pattern a long time ago, when I'd first started to crochet.  However, it was knit, and I was working on leveling up my crochet... levels.  Uh.  So I put the pattern in my queue and I finally picked it up last week.  They are adorable. 

Again, these are made with Read Heart: Super Saver yarn and were knit with my size 7 DPNs.  They're really quick and the pattern was pretty easy.

The little yellow guy's name is Danberlin, and the puffy guy is Dents de Leon.  They're just so cute, I cannot get over it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pop-tart Cat Scarf

I made pop-tart cat during the very beginning of summer, but it was missing something.  Its rainbow tail.  After seeing a picture of a pop-tart cat scarf... I knew what I had to do!

The pop-tart cat is of my own design.  For some reason I decided to crochet all the cat parts and... knit the pop-tart.  I'm still not sure why.  The pop-tart has little beads sewn onto it for sprinkles.

The scarf itself is just a simple ripple pattern.  I also gave it a little fringe on the end... because I wanted to.  Fringes are the beast.

As usual this is mostly made up of Red Heart: Super Saver yarn.  Except for the orange stripe of the rainbow, that's Red Heart: Soft.  I have no idea what the gray is.  The pop-tart was knit with size 7 DPNs and the cat was crocheted with a G hook.  The scarf was crocheted with an H hook.

Did I mention my little sister took these pictures?  Because she did.  I'm not as magical as she is with a camera.  She makes my stuff look awesomes.

I'm glad pop-tart cat finally got its rainbow tail; it felt so incomplete before.  A happy ending!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Golden Snitch Amigurumi

I've told a few of my friends that if they find me a pattern I will crochet/knit it for them.  So every now and then I get little requests.  This one is... very small!

Oddly enough I had planned to make a snitch; it's in my queue.  However the pattern Susanna linked me to looked more interesting than the one I was going to work.  So I gladly tackled it.  It's so simple and easy!  I used Red Heart: Super Saver yarn and a G hook.

I guess I'm both a little late and a little lame with my "homage" to Harry Potter.  But, ah, whatever.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Link Amigurumi

One day I ran into this Link pattern from Nerdigurumi.  And I decided it needed to happen.

So happen it did.  This was... certainly one of my tougher projects.  I think it was the hat.  It was definitely the hat.  I haven't the faintest idea why, but I could never end up with the right amount of stitches at the end of a row.  I literally gave up near the last few rows.  It was certainly big enough for his head by that point, so it didn't much matter.

Other than the hat, the pattern worked fine.  I was never able to get a very good picture of how his hair turned out, but it looks really nice.  The pattern has a whole bunch of little extras to add on as well; sword, shield  creatures... but I was too ticked off at the hat and just wanted to be done with this project.

His design is Four Swords Link, which is cool since... that's the game I have.  Except I always liked to play as blue Link since blue is the best color.  He's knit with a G hook and made from Red Heart: Super Saver, except for the skin color.  I have no idea what that is.