Monday, July 25, 2011

Songbirds - Set 1

I guess this is my first post about songbirds....

They started out as a simple request from my friend Sarah; she pointed out a small felt bird to me and asked it I could make on.  Of course I could.  In fact I could make it better.  Thus started off the Songbird fest.  I've made at least 30, and given most away.  I don't think I want to retroactively post any though, so I will only be putting new Songbirds up on this blog.

Sunburst Songbird, made for my friend Kristin.  This was  based off her favorite color being yellow.

Autumn Songbird, made for my friend Stephanie.  Her favorite colors were fall colors.  I threw a red feather in just for fun.

Phoenix Songbird, made for my friend Stormie.  She requested a phoenix, like Fawkes from Harry Potter.  These are totally my head-cannon colors for Fawkes.  I think this is one of my favorite Songbirds that I've made so far.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Traffic Cone Amigurumi

Oh hey, I do other things besides crochet... like knitting.

Okay... I might have some strange affinity for traffic cones.  They're pretty much the coolest thing ever.  I mean, that obnoxious bright orange shade is to die for!

This was the first one, made on a whim for a friend of mine from this pattern.  I took the liberty of giving them eyes so they could watch you with an accusatory stare.

Not satisfied with one cone, and extremely jealous of my friend's cone, I decided to make another.  He got stripes... because I wanted stripes.  These little cones were worked with size 7 DPNs and Red Heart: Soft yarn.

Family portrait!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fish Bone Amigurumi

I was looking through some library books this weekend and found a few with some amigurumi patterns.  I liked this fish bone pattern so I went ahead and made it.  It's from Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute by Elisabeth A. Doherty.

This time I found the pattern exceptionally difficult.  I had the hardest time making the head.  I always ended up with a stitch less than what was called for.  The bone spine gave me trouble as well, and I had to add on extra stitches to that as well.  I figure I must have been doing something wrong, or misreading/misinterpreting the pattern.

This time I'm not quite sure of what yarn I used, since the main color was from a batch of mystery yarn that my mom gifted to me.  The white is Red Heart: Soft, the red and pink are Red Heart: Super Saver.  I think the colorful parts are I Love This Yarn: Stripes... Not sure.  Worked with a G hook of course.

I've named him Chili Pepper, and he is a very dead fish.  I love libraries!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sep Amigurumi

Last summer I had experimented a lot with making plushes, and my friend Osa mentioned that he wouldn't mind if I made his character Sep into a plush. I never got around to it. He proceeded to remind me about it the entire school year and finally I decided to make Sep. Not exactly how he expected though...

Amigurumi of course!  It's essentially a plush, but I find it's easier to design in crochet than it is in sewing...  I'm  definitely fond of the design, except for his helmet thing... that gave me so much trouble I ended up having to settle for what he's got now.

Okay, so he can't actually stand, but he can sit.  I think I enjoy his fingers and toes the most, definitely a nifty little trick that I picked up from when I worked Toothless.  

Sep is my own pattern, made with Red Heart: SuperSaver yarn, a G hook and some scraps of felt.  I'd like to think he's quite fond of Harry Potter since I sat through about five of the movies while making him.  (He's definitely a fan of the Twins.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Umbreon Amigurumi

I made these guys a while back, probably in May, using WolfDreamer's Umbreon Pattern.  I always like using her patterns, they are so very easy to follow and always turn out looking great.  They're RedHeart: Super Saver yarn with a G hook, and a few pieces of scrapped felt sewn or glued on.  I'm not sure why I made two... I guess I just really like Umbreon.  There were quite a few pictures so I put them in a slideshow...

The first Umbreon is named Umby (I am so Creative!) For some reason I could never get her tail to stick up, so I left it loose.  She ended up having this wide eyed expression, so I decided she had a timid nature.

This guy is named Nokahn, after one of my in-game Umbreons.  I got his ears and tail to stand up properly and he looked braver than Umby did so his nature is bold.  Also, he somehow managed to get a hold of one of my dragon's collars because he's just cool like that.