Monday, June 30, 2014

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright

Okay, onto more recent projects!

Been replaying the Ace Attorney series, and felt the overwhelming urge to pick up a hook!  Also got to do a tiny bit of embroidery in his eyebrows and lawyer badge... I'm not really that great at embroidery so it'll have to do.

This'd be Phoenix Wright himself.  The star of the first three games.  His signature look is that gosh darned spikey hair... which is hard to capture with crochet.  I'm terrible with hair in general, but I managed to get something I was satisfied with.  Based it off of some wings patterns I recalled from a couple years ago.  I think.


Now he doesn't actually stand on his own.  Sadly.  Instead I have impaled him with a knitting needle that is propped against the wall.  This is beginning to sound like one of Phoenix's crazy cases...

His arms and legs, however, are pose-able.  I stuffed them with pipe cleaners meaning I could have tons of fun posing him in the same manner as some of his talk sprites!

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