Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Umbreon Amigurumi

I made these guys a while back, probably in May, using WolfDreamer's Umbreon Pattern.  I always like using her patterns, they are so very easy to follow and always turn out looking great.  They're RedHeart: Super Saver yarn with a G hook, and a few pieces of scrapped felt sewn or glued on.  I'm not sure why I made two... I guess I just really like Umbreon.  There were quite a few pictures so I put them in a slideshow...

The first Umbreon is named Umby (I am so Creative!) For some reason I could never get her tail to stick up, so I left it loose.  She ended up having this wide eyed expression, so I decided she had a timid nature.

This guy is named Nokahn, after one of my in-game Umbreons.  I got his ears and tail to stand up properly and he looked braver than Umby did so his nature is bold.  Also, he somehow managed to get a hold of one of my dragon's collars because he's just cool like that.