Monday, July 11, 2011

Sep Amigurumi

Last summer I had experimented a lot with making plushes, and my friend Osa mentioned that he wouldn't mind if I made his character Sep into a plush. I never got around to it. He proceeded to remind me about it the entire school year and finally I decided to make Sep. Not exactly how he expected though...

Amigurumi of course!  It's essentially a plush, but I find it's easier to design in crochet than it is in sewing...  I'm  definitely fond of the design, except for his helmet thing... that gave me so much trouble I ended up having to settle for what he's got now.

Okay, so he can't actually stand, but he can sit.  I think I enjoy his fingers and toes the most, definitely a nifty little trick that I picked up from when I worked Toothless.  

Sep is my own pattern, made with Red Heart: SuperSaver yarn, a G hook and some scraps of felt.  I'd like to think he's quite fond of Harry Potter since I sat through about five of the movies while making him.  (He's definitely a fan of the Twins.)

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