Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chinchou Amigurumi

Normally I'm content to follow a pattern for my crochet exploits, but this week I decided to venture into the world of designing patterns.  Or as I like to call it "making it up as I go" land...

For some reason I chose to make Chinchou.  I... I don't even know.   I think it was the fact that I already had the colors that brought him to mind.  His design was also really simple, so it was definitely something I could handle.  I really like how he turned out as well.

He looks bald without his... tail/antennae hanging over his head.  But somehow... cute as well.  It's fun to tote Chinchou around by the antennae, and also to fling him about and hang him on things.  Yet he's always smiling... like Goldfish crackers... they smile until you bite their heads off.

So cute!  My usual MO—Red Heart: Super Saver yarn and a G hook.


  1. Looks great!! It's such a nice pokémon i've used him in my Soulsilver game. Any change on the pattern?

  2. @Redostrike I took notes on the pattern, so I'll see if I can't write it up properly and post it sometime soon.

  3. This is a great piece of work! A co-worker asked me to make a Chinchou for her grandson for Christmas. Is the pattern for this available? I'd be so grateful!

  4. @smorangThe pattern now available:

    If you end up making one, please let me know how it turns out!