Monday, June 6, 2011

Bacon & Eggs Scarf

Presenting the Bacon & Eggs scarf:

I made this scarf for one of my friends.  Originally I had no intention of doing such a thing, but in the end I caved to Matt's incessant pleading... and I also thought it was a really cool idea. 

At the time I started this project I didn't know how to crochet.  I learned.  It was harrowing!  

The bacon was a wave stitch pattern, and I made it up myself.  I used a J hook and Red Heart: Soft yarn—off white and paprika—and just kind of winged it.  Crocheting this was so much different because I had to work lengthwise!  It’s eight rows wide.  I’d underestimated how long it needed to be and it came up a bit short… how to fix the problem?

Crochet eggs of course.  You won’t believe what you can find online.  It was really easy to find this blog on how to crochet a fried egg.  For this I switched to my G and H hooks.  They were so simple to do… once I figured out the whole working in a round thing.
I gave the scarf to my friend during dinner and he was the most popular guy in the restaurant.  There were people asking him where he bought it, and one guy actually wanted a picture with the scarf.  No lies.  I’ve never felt more awkwardly proud of something I made.

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  1. I love your version with the eggs hanging at the ends. It looks great.