Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Red Angry Bird Amigurumi

I love the Angry Birds.  There's just something about their passionate love for destruction that just makes me adore them. 

Of course when I saw the pattern I knew I needed to make one.  Unfortunately the patterns had to be taken down, but you can see the rest of the birds here.  As usual; RedHeart: SuperSaver with a G hook.

He surveys the playing field, mentally creating a strategy...  I don't think I'm going to name him; I will simply refer to him as ANGRY BURD.  It seems appropriate.  While I do love the red bird, my favorite angry bird is actually the bomb bird.  He's simply the best there is.  Though the FAT red bird comes in second place.

Fly birdy, fly!

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  1. I just realized this was here! I freakin love the angry birds! theyre so darling!