Monday, July 30, 2012

Morpheus Chupacabra

I had a Sculpy day with my friend Audrey and we made chupacabras together.  It was great.  Also, I took pictures in a place that wasn't my back yard!

Recently I redesigned one of my characters—Morpheus—and since she was on my mind I decided to make her into a chupacabra.  Her main colors are purples and golds.  For her horns I gave her curly little swirls based off of the crown she wears.  Morpheus also has tiny little wings on her ankles, so of course her cabra gets those as well.  I almost forgot to add them.

Those bigger wings though...  Wings always give me trouble, no matter what media I work with... though in 3D media more-so than 2D.  Morpheus wears some kine of weird feathered cloak covered in stars.  I didn't get quite the effect I wanted with the blues, but it still looks nice.

This chupa is definitely an improvement on my last figurines as she can actually stand on two legs.  Though her tail does act as a third point of contact, it wasn't needed.  Another improvement is that she has fingers and toes.  Oh. And wings.  Also, she gets cute little paw pads—on her feet and hands.

Here's the full set, Audrey made the blue cabra (Razul-cabra) as well as the zebra striped cabra.

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