Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sonic Dragon Amigurumi

Recently I read Suzanne Collin's Underlander series, and it's given me a love for bats.  Combine that with a love for dragons, and you have a bat-dragon.  Which, incidentally exists in DragonVale.  I present, the Sonic Dragon!

Again, I used a lot of the same parts fro previous dragons for this dragon so it was a breeze for the most part.  For her nose and tail "fin" I used this tiny heart pattern, in both the big and small version.

The only thing that gave me trouble was the ear "fins".  For those it just required a bit of patience.  I like how they turned out though, they look silly!  A good silly.  I really liked the eyelashes from the Sonic Dragon's design so I made sure to include them. 

This'll probably be my last DragonVale dragon for a while, I've found some patterns I want to try.  I may come back to these when I make a dent in my queue.


  1. Do you sell these?

  2. Can you please show the crochet pattern? I love these, so cute