Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hippogriff Amigurumi

I've still got quite a few crochets from the week before last to post... it was a productive week.

Today we have a hippogriff from this pattern.  I'm not entirely sure how I found the pattern, but it was in my queue so I went for it.  Originally I had intended to use grays, but as it turned out I didn't have much gray yarn left in my stash.  In the end I decided to instead use brighter colors and came out with a cute foxy hippogriff.

The pattern was pretty good, I only found a few mistakes in it, though I don't remember where.  I think they were just a few stitches that I thought should be changed, not even mistakes at all.  The ears I crocheted with two strands of yarn which I think was a good idea because they stand straight instead of curling.

Also, I used my own design for the wings.  That's about all.


  1. Just passing by to tell you that you are the coolest person on Earth! :D I've never thought knitting could be that awesome but your work on the hyppogriff, the nigth fury or the snitch are just pure genius!
    You've enlightened my day :')

  2. The hyppogriff is so cute and as far as I'm concerned the brown colours go well with this Amigurumi. The eyes are also great. Unfortunatly I don't know where I should buy them and therefore I always use felt or buttons.

    Good work!! ^^