Monday, May 14, 2012

Plant Dragon Amigurumi

Well, I finished school and didn't exactly know what to do.  So I picked up the crochet hook.

So recently I started playing an iPod game called DragonVale and it is just the cutest thing ever.  There are so many little dragons with absolutely the cutest design.  It's adorable.  Since I had an excess of green yarn I went ahead and made the plant dragon from the game.

He doesn't stand on his own, but if you prop his tail against something he can manage it.  This guy was fun, I just kind of made up the design as I went.  Sometimes I tried to remember what I did on Toothless, but for the most part I did it on the fly.

Those wings.  Those wings were the hardest thing ever.  I kept trying to come up with a design but it never worked.  I had a couple of judges to help me decide on designs, and eventually I came up with what you see here!  They turned out lovely, it was worth working through a few designs...


  1. hi, where can i find the pattern? my email is tamaradenos AT gmail DOT com

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity

  3. It's so awesome I've been in a rut, and this just might give me an idea to help me get out. Thanks

  4. OMG that is sooooo cute