Monday, April 9, 2012

Painted Stone Owls - Set 3

Oh man, third set of owl stones.  I'm burnt out on these things!  Probably won't be doing them for a while.

Somehow, all the tiniest of my rocks ended up in this batch.  They make fore very cute little owls.  I also ended up doing some different designs.

Little dark gold owl

Little light gold owl

Domino owl!  This one is my fave.

Some kind of garish pink owl.

Silver and black owl

Peppermint owl.

Purple owl


  1. I think I can see why you like the domino owl so much : ) He's very crisp looking and captures the facial features of a barn owl pretty well. (btw's, this is Gabby from ages ago ^.^ Yes, I still enjoy looking at the random fun art stuff you put up)

  2. Before I read the domino one was your favorite, I had already thought it myself! Amazing designs!