Sunday, November 13, 2011

Painted Stone Owls - Set 1

My organization is putting on a little benefit show, and we needed things to sell, so I painted up these little rocks to look like owls. I found a picture of them somewhere, but it wasn't the original source, and I keep being led in circles while looking for it.

All the owls, all together.

This was probably one of my favorite rocks, but I'm quite partial to snowy owls.

I made two with this design because I wanted to keep one for myself.  I chose the littler guy since he was teh first rock I painted.

This guy's pretty cool, because purple is pretty cool.

I don't know what's up with this guy.  I just wanted to use green.

Big blue owl.

Little blue owl

Little gray owl.

This one looks like the pair of brown ones, but he's actually a foxy red.  He gave me a lot of trouble so I finally gave up and defaulted to blue markings since those worked so well.


  1. What kind of paint did you use on the rocks??